Kayaking - union with nature

by Kathy Donnelly

The word yoga is translated as unionyoking or joining. While I have often experienced that harmony between breath and body in my yoga practice, and between mind and heart in my meditation practice, kayaking is where I feel my union with nature. When the kayak slips into the water, I am part of the whole of the natural world. I am not a sport kayaker - I go for the smooth, glass-like lakes where I can paddle a bit, then just float and drift while looking for herons and muskrats. I also see turtles basking in the sun and beavers flapping their tails while I get up close and personal with water lilies and dragonflies. My favorite time of day is twilight when it seems like the natural world begins to wake up again. I have seen families of raccoons walking along the edge of the water and deer coming to the shoreline for a drink. One day the deer were standing in the middle of the water lily growth, eating all the flowers. How wonderful that must have been for them.

Retreat Center of Maryland will be hosting another day of Yoga and Kayaking at my favorite spot, Piney Run Park on September 30, 2018. We will practice yoga in a pavilion that overlooks the lake, then head to the lake for a guided paddle with the naturalist. Hope to see you there!

Samira Shuruk